I am a certified and accredited Life Coach and have worked with some of the most successful and amazing people across the world.  As far back as I can remember, I had always loved coaching and supporting people to fulfil their goals, but never believed I could actually live my dream, and do this as a job……
until I invested in myself.

”For me, living my best life, means waking up every day, and making positive changes to peoples lives, by working with them to achieve their goals.  I get to do all of this amazing work whilst also having the complete freedom to spend quality time with my two amazing kids, Jude & Eden.” 

I remember around seven years ago, one of my friends (after an unofficial coaching session) said:
“Jill, you should be a Life Coach”.
I laughed and thought...surely that's not a job!  I then remember thinking, that would be my absolute dream job.  I'd always been in the corporate 'safe' world.  So to actually do a job you whole heartedly LOVE never ever seemed on the cards for me. 


At that point I actually didn't mind my job too much, I had just moved in to a new role and was enjoying it.  In fact I'd go as far as to say it was probably a 7/10.  That was good enough right? 
I mean who really loves their job?

Fast forward five years, this time 3/10 in terms of job satisfaction.   I was suffering with stress, bouts of anxiety, and was pretty much working seven days a week, for a job that I felt completely under valued in.  I had lost so much confidence, and had terrible stomach pains on a daily basis, sleepless nights, but when my hair started to fall out, I realised that extra £1000 pay rise each year maybe wasn't worth it. 
I knew things were bad, when it wasn't the alarm that woke me up every morning, it was a racing heart, and being soaked in sweat at 4am. I felt that I couldn't tell anyone, as they'd see me as weak and use it against me. They all thought I was super confident and in control.  They were wrong!
Inside, I felt like I was completely out of control.   I'd love to say that was the turning point for me, but it wasn't. This went on for a number of years, and it wasn't until I found myself with the opportunity to take redundancy from work I began to work on myself.  I desperately didn't want to take medication from my Doctor, so I turned to meditation and got a Life Coach.  It was then I realised that it didn't have to be this way.  I took back my power, and on my birthday, whilst sitting eating lunch in town with my partner, he asked me:
“what do you want to do now Jill?”.
My instant reply: “I want to be a Life Coach'.”

The moment I got super clear on who ‘the real me’ was, was when my life changed forever.

"My mission is to stop people feeling like I did, and help them see that no matter how bad you feel, or what you're experiencing right now, you have a choice. 
You can write your new story and live your best life. 
It all comes from you.” 

It may look like others are holding you back, stopping you or have a hold over you.  The reality is, the only real person holding you back is YOU! 
You have been conditioned for so long that you don't realise how amazing you really are. You have lost the real you. 
That person with potential in abundance. 
Do not settle for 7 out of 10!!  Take back your control, be empowered and be that kid with the dreams and big imagination again! Be a 10!!!!

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