Work with Jill

Why Jill?

I am an Accredited Intuitive Life & Business Coach, with over 20 years experience in Leadership and Coaching.  I specialise in individual Coaching, Group Coaching, and Couple Coaching. 

Here’s what you get: 

1 – You will finally meet and understand yourself on the deepest level. 

2 – You will create more space for expansion and growth, allowing you to fully step into your power (without burning out)

3 – You will live your life with truth and purpose, unlocking the freedom to live an extraordinary life with extraordinary results. 

Here’s why we do this work: 

1 – You have tried traditional methods, and they don’t work. You end up back where you started, with the same blocks coming up time and again.

Client’s come to me when they are ready to meet their true self, play a bigger game, and embody true transformation.

2- By fully connecting to yourself, and your various identities it will allow you to understand what your truth is, and what are that programmes that you can now finally let go of.

Doing this work creates more space and energy for you to connect and bring in more of the things you deeply desire with effortless ease.

3 – Abundance, Freedom and Calmness of the mind, is your birth right. When you are connected on a soul level, you are willing to be vulnerable, take more risks, and fully receive more of everything that life has to offer. More Fun, more money, more joy, more love, more intimacy, more connection….. more of everything. 

Other specialised areas that Jill works in are …

Work with Jill

Struggling to decide what you need from me?

All sessions and packages are unique to the individual, and centred around my Open, Expand & Evolve method. If you are willing to be coachable, and take the action that gets you true transformation, and life changing results then please complete my short questionnaire and book in your discovery session with me.