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Accredited Global Life Coach, Award Winning Podcast Host

& Co-Creator of The Intuitive Psychology Association.

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about me

To the outside world, I looked like I had it together. Successful, beautiful family and home but inside I felt alone, anxious, and vulnerable. I had always struggled to ask for help as I worried that I’d be seen as weak. I suffered from stress, lack of self-belief, and feelings of anxiety for many years, however was so ashamed to tell anyone so I hid it.


I averaged 4-5 hours of sleep every night and was on burnout. I was spinning what felt like many plates in the air; working 70+ hours per week and being a Mum to my 2 children, Jude & Eden, who were both under the age of 5 at the time.

I know first hand what it takes to get out of your way and learn to fully love and trust yourself. For most of my life, I had no idea what my blocks were and how they were holding me back.

As a Woman and a Mum, I struggled to receive, it didn’t feel safe. I struggled with purpose, connection, intimacy, and self-worth. Through going on my journey, I uncovered and unlocked limitations and layers which I didn’t know existed on a conscious level. I had no idea that by taking full responsibility for my life, just how incredible life could be.

Doing this level of work allowed me to finally lean into those parts of myself and let go of the various identities I carried. I met myself on a soul level and since then my mission is to empower others to do the same. As an expert in the deep transformational work I do, it allows me to take others through their unique journey, recognising and finally connecting deeply with what they need to for them to fully open, expand and evolve.

I am now the proud host of my own Award Winning Podcast 'She Loves Herself' and the Co-Founder of The Intuitive Psychology Association. We are the Worlds 1st and only Accredited Coach Training Association to accredit our students at Diploma Level.  We have been featured in various media outlets, and performed our World Class Techniques at various festivals including Fearne Cotton's 'Happy Place'

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