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She Loves Herself is a safe space for empowerment, vulnerability, and healing. I interview and coach celebrities and public figures about vulnerability, shame, and life transformations. We discuss everything from Ancestral Healing to Sexual Healing and everything in between.

It was created by me (and my 7-year-old inner child), as a platform to empower people to embrace vulnerability, let go of fear, and connect to truth and transformation.  

She Loves Herself: The Podcast reached the Top 3 in the UK Podcast Charts for The Best Empowerment Podcast. It empowers people to share their stories, wisdom, and voice, whilst inspiring our listeners to do the same. 

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Monday Love Punch

My Monday Love Punches are really popular and a great way to start your week.

They are insightful, encouraging, and empowering. As they are only 10 minutes long, it allows our listeners to quickly connect, focus, and take inspired action going into their week ahead.

As these episodes are short, I don’t hold back, however, each episode is ALWAYS said with LOVE.

Every Friday I am joined by either a Celebrity or an Expert in their field. We open up, sharing raw vulnerability.

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