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The Empowered Woman is my 14-week signature program.

This is everything I have learned, trained, and qualified in over the past 4 years, put into 1 epic 14-week program.

1:1 session

You will work through a new online lesson/module each week, followed by a weekly coaching session with me and a 1:1 session.

safe and sacred

I only work with a very small number of women in any program, as it’s a safe and sacred container that not only allows you to heal, grow, but also allows you to fully trust yourself, and manifest your authentic success. 

we work on:

Together we work on Inner Child, Shadow, Shame, Attachment, Intimacy, Relationships & Self Love before moving into Manifesting & so much more. 

guest experts

I also have 2 incredible Guest Experts who host Live Masterclasses. To end the 10 weeks powerfully, we record a Podcast Episode for my Podcast ‘She Loves Herself’ 

The Empowered

Authentic Success is for you if you are finally ready to let go of your attachments to people, situations and circumstances and FINALLY trust yourself to make decisions that are fully aligned to the true essence of who you are. 

You will cultivate boundaries, self-discipline, self-trust, self-honour, self-control & self-love on the deepest level. 




Being part of The Empowered Woman has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. 


I wasn’t someone who enjoyed group  situations and most definitely didn’t enjoy sharing within that setting! However, having seen Jill’s post about the programme I reached out to her and immediately knew this would be the right fit for me. 

On joining the programme from the outset I felt completely safe and comfortable to be able to speak freely, show emotion and benefit from the wonderful small group setting that Jill had intuitively put together.

The energy was always positive and the support from the other woman in the group and from Jill was invaluable and hugely appreciated. 


Working through the 10 weeks and covering different topics and tasks each week was a challenge, but a welcome one that has enabled me to think, feel and act in different ways to look forward and make some very positive changes that have enhanced my life and those around me too. 


I would highly recommend The Empowered Woman if you’re ready for some changes. You won’t regret it!

- Pamela


Together we can create something bespoke for you, that works for you.


16TH FEB 2023

The next Empowered Woman - Authentic Success begins on the 16th of February.


If you would like to enquire about this, please email me below. 


Not ready, but would like to be on the waiting list?  My next Empowered Woman is in August 2023, please email below to get your name on the waiting list 

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