Kate Clelland

“Hiring Jill as a life coach had easily been one of the best decisions I have made - the results have been life changing to say the least! In our work together she had helped me reach new heights in both my career and personal life which I didn't even think were possible. 

Jill is extremely empathetic, an excellent listener, professional and always patient, trustworthy and encouraging. Our sessions together enabled me to gain clarity in order to make positive changes and move forward.”

“Jill has an amazing gift of honing in on key words and gives the most fascinating insights and perspectives as well as offering alternative ways of viewing things which were eye opening! With this amazing ability of tapping into your inner thoughts Jill is then able to formulate the root cause and then suggest ways to work through challenges.”

“Jill has given me the push and the tools to make positive changes in my life and apply them daily. As a result I am a lot happier, much more confident, focussed, motivated and driven - as well as much less anxious and now no longer giving into procrastination.”

“I feel very excited about the future now thanks to Jill and I feel so blessed that our paths crossed. Could not recommend more highly!”

Michelle Testimonial Pic .png

Michelle Brunton

“Jill and I have been working together for a couple of months.  I say working together but that makes it less personal than I mean it to because Jill has been an amazing support, confidant, and accountability partner.  I reached out to a number of coaches looking for someone, not really sure what I was looking for in that someone if I’m honest but the minute Jill and I spoke I just knew that she was the one ☺️ I felt like we clicked and that she just ‘got’ me.   I also knew that for me to get the most out of our sessions I needed someone who had walked a similar path to me and someone I could feel I could totally trust and be open with.  Literally I feel like she has insights into my soul and in every session so far jill has this knack of knowing exactly what to say and when to say it .... sometimes I don’t realize it for a few days but when I do realize I know exactly where she’s coming from and more importantly what I need to do about it.  I also love that she’s challenging me and saying it just as it is.  I need that and from my search for a coach I found that aspect rare to find.”  

“Jill’s opening me up so I can see for myself where I am, what’s stopping me and what actions I need to take to move on to what I want.  Wow it’s powerful .... I’m writing this and I just know I can’t possibly give it full justice.  We’re still on our journey but I can say that so far it’s been great for me and I really do wish I’d done this sooner.  Much sooner!!  The fact that you are reading this review means that you are thinking about taking this journey too .... I have to say don’t think about it, just message Jill .... the minute you speak to her you’ll know that it’s the best investment in yourself you can make xx”

Laura Ellis.jpeg

Laura Ellis

“I found Jill by accident but clearly for a reason and I am entirely grateful that I did. I had always been curious about getting a life coach but didn’t know where to go or who to see. I wanted someone I could relate to and for someone ‘to get me’.”

“I have suffered from anxiety all of my life and for me, medication was not the answer as I was so anxious about taking medication (how ironic?!). I had been to counsellors in the past but I knew deep down that I had to work on self development and had always thought that a life coach may be the answer.”

“Jill popped up on my Facebook newsfeed doing a live on her official Facebook page. I watched with curiosity as I thought this girl seems like me. I instantly resonated with her, so on a whim I messaged her. Initially we had a phone call to see if she would be right for me. That call was supposed to be half an hour but ended up being an hour and a half! I knew then I had to go with it and book a block of coaching sessions. My gut told me this was the person I needed to connect with!”

“I have so far had 5 out of 6 sessions and I can’t put in enough words how amazing Jill is. She is the most wonderful person and has already transformed me as a person. I can’t imagine now not having met her. She works her magic and makes you go deep in to yourself to figure out what you need to do.”

She has increased my confidence, calmed my anxiety and pushed me out of my comfort zone in a way I would have never done before. I now worry less about what other people think of me and this is after only 5 sessions!  Close friends, family and work colleagues have been commenting on the change in me. They have been asking what I have been doing. She has made me believe that anything is possible and I honestly can not recommend Jill enough.”

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Craig Holland

“Working with Jill has really been eye opening. She has helped me resolve issues that were holding me back and I am now focused, taking steps and making positive changes in all areas of my life. I was sceptical about life coaches at first to be honest, but Jill has completely changed my perception. I'm one happy client and I can't recommend her services highly enough.”


Ronnie Binnie

"I have been working with Jill over the last few months. Jill has helped me take a step back from the tasks of everyday work and home life and reflect on what really matters. Jill has really challenged me on my beliefs and perceived limitations as well as work & personal goals. Ultimately, Jill has been able to get me to think about what matters most and develop a clearer picture of the future I want for me and my family. More than that, she has helped me appreciate that it is possible."


Kerri Stark

"Jill has set me on the right path to guide me to help myself to be a better version of me. Since starting coaching with Jill, I have been continuously turning my life around. Being a sufferer of Anxiety and depression for around 7 years and having been on Anti depressants for which seems like an eternity I can now say that I am so very grateful to Jill because I now Feel less stressed and less anxious. I am also very proud of myself as I have managed ditch my medication for Mindfulness. Jill is a fantastic coach, she is a great listener and has the personality and skills to turn anyone’s life around for the better. Most importantly she cares. There is no doubt in my mind that Jill was born to be a Life Coach. I am a seriously happy and grateful client. I always look forward to our sessions and i come away from the session feeling confident and excited about learning more about me. I recommend Jill highly as a life a coach."


Nazia Ramzan

"From the bottom of my heart, I can’t thank Jill enough for what she’s done for me.
Prior to being Coached by Jill, my confidence and self love was rock bottom. I couldn’t see the wood for the trees. Jill managed to connect with me on a level no one else has and challenged me around my thoughts and current reality.
Thanks to Jill’s amazing coaching ability, I’m now able silence the inner critic, and not only recognise my strengths, but tap in to them at any time. Not only am I more connected in my relationships, I’m feeling gratitude in abundance for EVERYTHING in my life.
I wake up every day feeling stronger, fitter & healthier than ever.
I can’t thank Jill enough for what she’s done for me."