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I am an Accredited Intuitive Life & Business Coach, with over 20 years of experience in Leadership and Coaching. I specialise in Individual Coaching, Group Coaching, and Couple Coaching. 




You will finally meet and understand yourself on the deepest level. 



You will create more space for expansion and growth, allowing you to fully step into your power (without burning out).



You will live your life with truth and purpose, unlocking the freedom to live an extraordinary life with extraordinary results. 

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You have tried traditional methods and they don’t work. You end up back where you started, with the same blocks coming up time and again.

Client’s come to me when they are ready to meet their true self, play a bigger game, and embody true transformation.

Fully connecting to yourself and your various identities will allow you to understand what your truth is, and what are the programmes that you can now finally let go of.

Doing this work creates more space and energy for you to connect and bring in more of the things you deeply desire with effortless ease.

Abundance, Freedom, and Calmness of the mind, are your birth right. When you are connected on a soul level, you are willing to be vulnerable, take more risks, and fully receive more of everything that life has to offer. More fun, more money, more joy, more love, more intimacy, more connection….. more of everything. 



Masculine & Feminine Balance Work 


People who are ‘successful’ on paper but have a deep desire for more. 

I work with all genders in this space. This work is for you if you struggle to trust, let people in or lack trust either with yourself or others around you. You may struggle with vulnerability and receiving help/love and deeper connections. You perhaps feel either too closed off or perhaps lack boundaries. Everything may look good on paper but you know something is missing.

If this is you, then I can help you open up, bring in balance and boundaries which will allow you to feel safe, supported, and able to fully receive.

Couples sessions

These sessions are truly transformational. 

These sessions are designed to help you feel safe, supported, and strengthen your current relationship. Helping you to understand and hear your partner as well as be understood and heard by them.

These sessions offer tools and advice to you both as individuals on how to take personal responsibility and begin creating a relationship that supports and nourishes you both as individuals and as a couple.

Inner Child & Shadow Work


No matter how big or small, we have all experienced some level of trauma as children

This work is growing popular and when you explore this work for yourself you will understand why. 

I have worked with several clients exploring Inner Child and Shadow work and together we have created exceptional life-changing results. 

No matter how big or small, we have all experienced some level of trauma as children.  When we reconnect with this part of ourselves, we can begin to identify the root of our fears, phobias, beliefs, stories, insecurities, and sabotaging life patterns.  This work allows true healing and liberation.

If you are struggling mentally or experiencing physical symptoms of any kind, rather than looking at the symptom, Inner Child work can allow you to go straight to the root cause, healing those wounded parts.


I felt completely safe and able to share so vulnerably from the very first session and was guided straight to trauma as a child. The way Jill intuitively guided me was powerful and I was able to completely reframe the memory.

It set me free and opened up the door to other conversations with my mum which has enabled great healing for us both. We worked on so much in the 6 weeks, it gave me huge shifts and transformations in my life and business.

I 1000% recommend Jill and am so grateful to have had her as a mentor.


Jill has over 20 years of experience in public speaking, and since launching her Coaching Business, she has presented Masterclasses and Guided Meditations to thousands of people and her own in-person retreat. Her sessions have received phenomenal feedback and have placed Jill as one of the UK’s most in-demand coach.

Speaking Events. Masterclasses. Group Coaching
& Bespoke Meditations

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