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Stop wishing your life away..

Is it just me, or does it feel like this month has been very long? Not that I’m complaining, as I very much like the fact that my life doesn’t feel like it’s flashing before my eyes anymore.

Without even realising I was doing it, I used to wish my life away all the time. Every Monday, wishing it was Friday. I have lost count of the days, months and possibly years of my wee life that I have wished away, by simply wishing it was time to go home, or 5pm on a Friday night.

Can you relate? I’m sure you can. We have all either done it, or are doing it right now?!

And if that wasn’t bad enough, we then look back and wish we could go back in time. Back to a time when we were younger? Our children were younger? When we were fitter? Or replay old memories, and times we wished we could go back to and feel more deeply, or be more present?

Truth bomb, you can’t go back and change the past, live the past, be in the past, do it differently, or turn back time.

BUT…….. You can live fully present in this day you have right now. In this moment you have right now, and decide that on this day, you will choose to be the creator of your own life. To feel everything that needs to be felt, to connect deeply with everyone you want to connect with. To cry. To laugh, To rest, To take yourself to your edge. To send ‘that message’. To say ‘YES’ to that opportunity. To act, in spite of fear. To say ‘No’. To create that boundary you know you need to create. To back yourself. To create the most powerful day that you can create. To live this day like your life depended on it, not because I told you to, but because you realise for yourself that it actually does.

When, or if you choose to do life this way, you will stop both stop wishing your life away, and stop wishing you could go back in time.

You see, you only have this day. And whilst you may be navigating some challenges in your life, you are here for a reason, and you have a life to live.

It maybe that you are avoiding connecting deeply with your emotions, and continue to ignore and suppress, leaving you feeling disconnected and unfulfilled.

Or you maybe moving through life complaining, living in the past, or only thinking about the future, and missing out on BE-ing here in this moment, feeling deeply and creating from a place of presence.

Either way, you do have a choice.

Feel what needs to be felt

Heal what needs to be healed

Create what needs to be created

Enjoy what needs to be enjoyed

Love what needs to be loved

And please remember, it doesn’t need to be 1 or the other. You can heal and create the most epic and abundant life simultaneously.

Don’t ‘Start again tomorrow’ choose right now, in this moment to BE IT. Make the call, send the email, send the message. Act, in spite of fear, and choose that today will be the day that you be all in on your life.

Once you do that, you will never wish your life away again.

Right now, I am sitting on a train, heading to Manchester to meet my dear friend Sarah Gregg. Sarah and I are creating something magical. This is a life project for us both, and whilst it’s scary, and the biggest thing we/I have ever done, I know deep within my soul that it’s my mission, my truth, my life work, my dharma.

So, I am leaning in, saying YES to this, and yes to being the change I want to see in the world.

Have a beautiful day my friends.

(PS - Make that call)

Jill x

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