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Open, Expand, Evolve

Begins 1st Aug 2022
"Your greatest responsibility is to love yourself, and know that you are already enough"

Open, Expand, Evolve

£4997 or £497 per month

Once you sign up, I'll be in touch with all of the details you need prior to starting your 12 month journey.

I can't wait to support you in your 12 month journey.

Starts 1st Aug 2022 until 1st Aug 2023


  • Deeper connections to 12 other individuals

  • Working towards your Goal/Goals for the next 12 months

  • Deeper connection to self & self healing

  • Habits that align to your authenticity and authentic success.

  • BE-ing in CREATION with self & others


  • ​1 x 2 Hour Zoom Call every month

  • 1 x 1 "In Person Immersion Day"

  • 1 x "In person Group Immersion Day"

  • Monthly accountability

  • WA Support & Expanded community support.


  • Expanding your consciousness daily

  • Working with your own Body & Nervous System

  • Expanding your own capacity to remove your own blocks & heal

  • Access to Masterminds & Experts in their field

  • FREE additional access to all of Jill's events (excluding retreat)

Open, Expand, Evolve 12 Month Mastermind  is one of a kind.  Having run a number of 6 month Masterminds & Group Programmes over the past 5 years, I know the power that can be created in these spaces.   

This will be a space to create from passion, truth & authenticity.  This is only for you if you are willing to step in to your own authentic & empowered truth, and create from there.

This will be a beautiful, and safe space to honour yourself.  To feel deeply, and to heal parts of yourself that you may have neglected along the way. 

You will learn tools and techniques in real time that help you understand where you may have blocks, and how to navigate your way through them.

You will understand the vastness of your own potential and power within & how being connected to this space is the vehicle to LIFE FORCE ENERGY & MANIFESTING.

You will connect and create with 12 others, and be fully supported in in creating and achieving your 12 month goals. 

Like any of the work I specialise in, it is never a 1 and done, that's why I have created this 12 month container.  This allows me to support you over the year.

Are you ready to be part of something truly unique and life changing?