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Is our obsession with being in 'Full Bloom' is killing us?!

This has been coming up lots for me recently, and so I wanted to share with you, in the hope that it supports you.

As I walked my Son, Eden to school this morning, we walked through the abundance of leaves that had fallen from the trees on to the ground. Weirdly, I found myself singing that song from the film ‘Grease 2’…. You know the one that goes…. “I’ll be your girl for all seasons?’ Anyhoo, it was random, but also not, if you catch my drift.

I was once again reminded that we are nature, and nature is ever evolving, ever changing, and ever growing. It goes through cycles. Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter, then back to Spring once more. It never resists the season it must go through, to allow it’s evolution to the next, and so on. Nature understands that it must go through each season. There is no fight to stay in ‘full bloom’ she understands that in order to bloom, she must contract. she must plant seeds in the fertile soil, she must stay in the dark. That hibernation is essential for her growth and evolution. She understands that she cannot force, or break through too soon, or she may die. She understands surrender, and she understands patience.

I believe that the struggles we have as humans is that we are obsessed with being in ‘full bloom’ all of the time. The conditions that we ‘should’ live in, served up to us from main stream media, and programming and what so many of us have conformed to, is that BS belief and push/pull rhetoric.

In taking on this narrative, we are surely going against our true nature? and there lies the biggest struggle of all?

If we allowed ourselves to rest, to hibernate, and be at 1 with nature, then we would recover, heal, plant new seeds, eventually growing and blossoming once more?

If we don’t allow ourselves to follow nature, and it’s seasons, then this is why we may be holding getting sick. By holding on to old fears, old pain, old beliefs, old conditions, carrying the heaviness of life, that should have been released and recycled in to the earth, maybe years ago. But our obsession to stay above soil, and in the light every day gives no space to breathe, to let go, to release, until the heaviness and burden of what should be given back to the earth becomes so heavy, so suffocating, that it crushes you, leaving you broken and disconnected.

It’s time to let go of this obsession with things staying the same. Your attachment to this unrealistic narrative is keeping you not only stuck, it’s keeping you from really following your true path.

Let’s understand, that we are never supposed to stay the same. We are growing every day, therefore why would we believe that things should stay the same. Part of growing, is letting go of the old, and inviting in a new.

My advice? Be at one with nature. Be at one with your natural state. You are part of nature, and nature is part of you. Healing can only happen, growth can only happen, evolution can only happen, and TRUE transformation can only happen when you surrender to nature.

If you intuitively listen to your body, and the message you get back is to rest this winter, then rest this winter. Trust that your way, is the right way.

Dance with nature, dance with life.

Love Jill x

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