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Are your thoughts running the show?

The last week I have immersed myself in changing up my thoughts.

I just came off my first live on Instagram in at least 6 months, but I felt such a pull to talk about this topic.

Are my thoughts taking me 1 step closer to or 1 step further away from me achieving my desires?

So many thoughts are habits.

We have a thought, which attracts another thought, which then attracts another thought, and before you know it we have repeated thought after repeated thought, which in turn creates feelings about the thoughts. And it’s the feeling about the thought that really counts when it comes to manifesting more of what we do want, or don’t want.

Did you know that 95% of thoughts are repeated thoughts.

Let me tell you, I can relate to that one.

But how do we ensure that we don’t get stuck in the cycle of repeated negative thoughts, and emotions?

We have 16 seconds until our initial thought has time to create an emotion around it, and allow another similar thought to hook on to it.

Then 60 seconds before it then becomes a DOMINANT thought.

Now, dominant thoughts can be really cool and lead us to feeling like powerful beings, or can take us down a dark path of feeling like dog turd, less than, unworthy & not good enough.

Here are my Top 3 ways to ensure that new thoughts, are attached to higher vibrational frequencies.

1. Don’t look at my phone messages, news or social channels until my morning rituals are done. This is usually by 8:30-9am

(This way, you are choosing the things you want to enter your consciousness each morning)

2. Create a morning ritual. Include things like ‘Meditation, Affirmations, journaling, visualisation’

Plug in to people that inspire you, and expand your consciousness.

Having expanders are important on your journey, so don’t be afraid to connect with them. And if you can’t find them, then listen to them on YouTube. Dr Joe, Abraham Hicks, Danielle Le Porte, Jessica Zweig, Marianne Williamson & Dr Wayne are just a few of my favs.

Visualise the day you want to have. Don’t just see it, but feel it.

(Remember, your thoughts have no power, it’s the feelings that are attached to your thoughts)

3. If negative thoughts come in, catch them quickly. Try not to give them unnecessary energy.

Switching them to something that expands you, or allows you to feel excited. This can also include gratitude, affirmations, more visualisation, or anything that creates a good feeling in your body.

Sounds really simple right?

Now, all 3 of these points are very simple & important, however, I cannot stress enough how much more important it is that you have explored deeper understandings of your own thoughts and emotions.

If you are having repeated thoughts and emotions that are weighing you down, it’s important that you don’t neglect them. That you spend time understanding why this is, where it comes from, and what might be the underlying message?